BloomTree Realty’s new Cottonwood Location: How company culture shows in workspace design

Change is good.  Especially when it means a great new location.

BloomTree Realty’s Cottonwood office has moved!

We’re so excited!   Our new office at 511 S Main St in Cottonwood has received a fresh makeover and we’re moving in. Great agents need a great work environment, and we go above and beyond to make sure that they have it.  With a huge conference room, it might just be our best training facility yet.

Every agent knows that you can tell a lot about who your clients are just by walking through their home.

You can tell a lot about a company by walking through their office, too.

Our core values run deep, and the style of our offices reflects this.  We believe so strongly in the importance of our culture that it’s embedded in literally everything that we do.  Showing our culture in our office spaces isn’t just about hanging posters and painting walls with branded colors. It’s about creating spaces that support our agents’ workstyles: providing open spaces for collaboration and community as well as quiet spaces for focus and phone calls.

BloomTree Realty Cottonwood Arizona

With bright and airy colors and comfortable workspaces, BloomTree Realty offices are smartly designed to be great places to work.

BloomTree offices are created to be places where our agents feel supported and inspired, where clients feel welcome and comfortable, and to show our upbeat and friendly personality.