Happiness is Good for Business. Ours and Yours.

Yes, really.

Happy people are more productive, which means that happy agents are better sales people because they’re better at creating happy clients. Studies show that they’re also less likely to experience burn-out, they have lower stress levels, and they’re more innovative.  We like that!

the effect of happiness on business

Why does a brokerage care about Happiness?

That’s easy.  Our success depends on yours, and both science and our own track record show that happy agents are more successful.  When our agents are creating happy clients, building growing businesses, and crushing it, our company grows and crushes it, too.

Culture Rules at BloomTree.  It’s not just something that we talk about or something that we put in our marketing materials because it’s hip and trendy  It’s how we live every day and it’s in everything that we do. We’re so dedicated to having a friendly and mutually supportive culture that we built our entire business around it.

Meet the Agent Happiness Team.  What keeps busy agents happy (or should we say who)? The BloomTree Agent Happiness Team.   From support staff to senior management all of us are here to keep our agents taken care of with reception services, transaction management support, and marketing and tech assistance.

Why is happiness good for business? We know that happy and well-supported agents create happy clients.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Want more?

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