We’re Pleased to Be Working With Brokermint

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BloomTree Realty is a client-focused company dedicated to staying on the cutting edge and using the best resources and tools available in the marketplace.  After extensive research and input from our agent community on what they need to provide the highest level of service, we are excited to announce Brokermint as one of our newest core technology platforms!

We needed a system that was intuitive and easy to use, while also being robust and flexible enough to handle our sophisticated and unique compensation system. While the real estate industry has been rapidly changing, the options available in back-office systems has not been evolving as quickly. We found it a challenge to find a platform that not only met our transaction and operational requirements, but that was flexible enough to work with a non-standard compensation system.

real estate transaction management Brokermint

The strategic imperative for all our technology systems is that they work together to provide a seamless and efficient handling of each client from initial contact throughout the transaction, that they have open integration to allow us flexibility in working with other systems, and that they fit with our culture and workflows.

We looked at several options, but we knew Brokermint would be the right transaction management system because beyond being able to manage our comp system, it integrated with so many other tools, including: our local MLS, the state board forms, hello sign for esignatures, our agent websites, agent CRMs, lead routing systems, accounting systems, and several post-closing services including moving services and client surveys.

During and after implementation Brokermint has shown their dedication to supporting us by providing constant care for our agent community and working with us through daily webinars, a robust solution center and an online chat platform. They have been adaptable and easy to work with in customizing their platform, and pleasant to work with.

It’s refreshing to work with a company that shows every day that they share our values, is open to new ideas, collaborates with their clients, and is as dedicated to supporting our agents as we are. We know technology is constantly changing so we look for partners who have committed their own companies to adaptability and improving client experience in the same way that we have. When our technology partners share our values, we know we can deliver sustainable efficiency and value to our agents.


Posted by Leslie Guiley, Co-Founder and VP of Technology

You can find Brokermint online here



Real Estate Agent Training: Checkers or Chess

real estate agent training checkers or chess, a strategic model for agent development

Being a real estate agent isn’t easy. It requires constant hustle, learning, and growing to stay relevant. In a business environment where agents work within the framework of a brokerage, it has become an industry standard for companies to offer training programs to their agents. These training programs are, for the most part, one size fits all.

A real estate agent is an entrepreneur. They should have a mindset that they’re building a business. A key factor in what makes entrepreneurs successful is that they have a talent and an innate drive to share it. Funneling agents into “Jack of All Trades Master of None” development platforms can divert them from what they’re best at and slow their growth. Continue reading “Real Estate Agent Training: Checkers or Chess”

Hiring Right is Great for Business

hiring right is great for business real estate

Having more agents does not mean more profit, but having the right agents can.

The problem lies with how most brokerages hire agents. In nearly every other industry the company evaluates the candidate. You know… a “job interview”. The potential employee goes from interview to interview until they find a company who is willing to hire them. In the real estate business, it’s nearly always the opposite. The agent chooses which brokerages they are interested in, they meet with each prospective company, and then choose the one where they feel that they’re going to get the best deal. Continue reading “Hiring Right is Great for Business”

Pushing boundaries in a business ripe for change

innovation in real estate

BloomTree Realty celebrates an amazing first year of success

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we put up the first BloomTree Realty sign.  In August of last year, we opened our doors with a slate of new ideas for real estate, a lot of passion, and a huge list of goals to accomplish.

Our local Prescott brokerage had been part of a national franchise system with another company for about three years and we were operating in Phoenix also.  We were already established under the old franchise system, but we were facing some of the same challenges, at that time, that many companies in the industry do.  We decided it was in the best interest of our agents and their clients to create a fresh approach to an outdated business model.   We believed that the real estate industry was ripe for change, and our passion for the business drove us to launch BloomTree Realty. We were also motivated to create a company that was driven by a set of core values that would become the foundation of everything we do. At the top producing real estate agentheart of those values is the idea that if we share what we know, everyone becomes more empowered, and collectively we become much stronger. Continue reading “Pushing boundaries in a business ripe for change”

The Missing Ingredient


We have all heard the old saying; be careful what you wish for because you might actually receive it.

Unfortunately for many realtors, they did get what they wished for

That is, they have joined a brokerage with a so-called 100% split and they have lived happily ever after… right?  Now they truly are making as much money as possible and they are in total control of their own destiny… right?
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